Our training

DTeC designs and develop training options which are tailored to meet specific needs of the organization.

These are based on an in depth assessment and analysis of the existing level of performance, and the level of performance which the organization wishes to achieve.

Training options may be in the following areas:


Dynamic Thinking

To promote quality thinking. Also to expose and manoeuvre human mind towards strategic, structured, systematic as well as creative methods of thinking.

Dynamic Leaders

“Leaders are created and trained, not born”. Participants will unearth and realise their hidden talents and leadership qualities in themselves.

Dynamic Managers

To make the participants aware of the true role of managers in an organization and to fully develop the sources of their strengths so that these shall be utilized to the maximum level towards the excellence of the organization as a whole.

Dynamic Organizers

To enable participants to apply the effective and practical skills in time management and personal development in facing and managing life in view of attaining holistic self excellence.

Dynamic Committees

To provide participants with the basic organizational management skills for the relevant organizations led by them with special focus on the process of planning, supervising and implementing effective programs for the

Dynamic Coaches & Supervisors

To provide participants with the relevant coaching and supervising skills especially tailored for managers and personnel at the executive level.

Dynamic Change

To provide knowledge and skills in managing organizational change.

Dynamic Culture

To expose participants on the reality of the working environment with diverse kind of people with various kind of background and culture, hence the need to manage the diversity towards better productivity.

Dynamic Decision Making

To provide contemporary skills in problem solving and creative decision making.

Dynamic Team

To build team spirit in an organization with a strong bonding among the team members based on career motivation and productivity oriented and healthy perspectives towards the job.

Dynamic Negotiation

To provide contemporary knowledge and practical skills on negotiation principles and process.

Dynamic Crisis

To provide participants with the practical knowledge of managing crisis : forecasting, dealing and the aftermath, which will enable participants to maintain and sustain the organization’s image and reputation.

Dynamic Performance

To appreciate the practical and effective performance management model/application as well as the phases in performance management in view of creating a dynamic organization

Dynamic Trainers

To expose training officers in understanding the whole anatomy of training inclusive of Training Needs Analysis (TNA), Training Delivery and Training Effectiveness Analysis (TEA) with Kirkpartick’s Model.


Dynamic Selling & Sales Management

To provide the experiential learning on how to influence and convince prospect customers to buy the product professionally.

Dynamic Customer Management

To provide the participants with the relevant knowledge and skills of customer care & management focusing on managing difficult customers.



Dynamic Interpersonal

Dynamic Interpersonal - To provide the basic interpersonal communication skills among participants in view of enhancing their self-confidence in interacting at work.


Dynamic Communication

To promote a better and professional ways of communicating and presenting among executives.

Dynamic Presentation

To help participants in identifying and applying the effective presentation skills at work.


Dynamic Interview

To expose participants with the current trend of job interview and its preparation; inclusive of resume writing.


Dynamic Motivation

To provide experiential learning to the participants on the importance of self motivation and the practical steps to maintain the said motivation in energizing the spirit towards attainment of excellence.

Dynamic Personality

To boost oneself with projection of proper and presentable self image through positive personal grooming as self images and impression plays remarkable role towards the success of career, organization and business.

Dynamic Helpers

To enable participants to understand the use of counseling skills and distinguish these from other helping skills enabling them to develop the skills for use within helping relationships, also to stimulate self awareness and an understanding of how this influences relationship.


Dynamic Employers/Employees

To provide the basic training on rights and obligations of employees and employers under the contract of employment in view of attaining harmonious industrial relations with reference to the relevant applicable laws in Malaysia.

Dynamic Family

To stress on the contemporary family issues with the explanation and experiential learning on husband’s and wife’s legal rights in marriage with reference to the relevant applicable laws in Malaysia.

Dynamic Contract

To provide insights and basic knowledge on elements of contract in view of interpreting and drafting common contract clauses with reference to the relevant applicable commercial laws in Malaysia.

Dynamic Entrepreneurs

To expose participants with the basic inputs in relation to the establishment, administration and management of a company with reference to the relevant applicable laws in Malaysia.

Dynamic Directors

To provide inputs and experiential learning on legal role, rights and responsibilities of directors of a company incorporated under the Companies Act 2016.