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The dawn of a new millennium brings on new dreams, new expectations, and the rebirth of a new company.

Datuk Dr. Tengku Naufal Tengku Mansor is the Founder and Master Trainer of DTE Consult Sdn Bhd (DTeC) which was incorporated in 2003. He brings numerous unique skills to the company, which makes his corporate demand among numerous companies very high. He has developed, guided and mentored by many professionals such as Dr. Edward de Bono during his training.

Our programs fully embrace "breakthrough" actions while ensuring that your organization maintains its primary focus, exceeding client’s expectations while meeting the company's revenue targets.

We are committed to help organizations increase their productivity through better use of their human resources and to enable client companies to achieve real competitive advantages. We excel at helping companies tackle today’s business challenges. With clear thinking and simple solutions, DTEC helps organizations and leaders succeed at every turn. Many organizations have experienced the positive impact of our practical approach.

We look forward to developing a supportive and on going relationship with your organization.

DTEC Konsultan Dinamika adalah sebuah perusahaan yang bergerak dalam bidang HRD (Human Resource Development) khususnya dalam bidang Training atau seminar pembangunan sumber manusia. DTEC Konsultan Dinamika yang beralamat kantor di Tower Cyber 2 Mega Kuningan Jakarta Selatan adalah Perusahaan cabang DTE Consult Sdn Bhd Kuala Lumpur Malaysia yang telah berdiri aktif sejak 15 tahun dengan berbagai program training baik program di dalam Negara Malaysia maupun juga di luar Negara Malaysia seperti di United Kingdom, Mesir, Australia, Jepang, Amerika. Oleh karenanya kami menjaga mutu pelatihan/ training dengan bekerjasama langsung dengan Master Trainer/Motivator Datuk Dr. Tengku Naufal yang telah terbukti efektif meningkatkat prestasi dan kesuksesan para peserta training.

Bersama ini kami ingin mengajukan penawaran kerjasama pelatihan untuk karyawan Bapak/Ibu dalam hal pembinaan diri/karir, motivasi berprestasi, Thinking Skills, Kepimpinan dan Perubahan Managemen, Organizational Behaviour termasuk juga Training Needs Analysis (TNA), Keberkesanan Latihan/Training (Training Effectiveness Analysis /TEA) (applying Kirkpatrick’s Model) and Training Delivery Effectiveness (TTT).

Berikut ini kami sertakan Jakarta, Indonesia. PROFILE 2020 and sipnosis perusahaan kami untuk Bapak/Ibu dapat mengenal perusahaan kami lebih lanjut.

Besar harapan kami untuk dapat menjalin kerjasama dengan perusahaan Bapak / Ibu dimasa yang akan datang dan atas perhatiannya kami ucapkan terima kasih.


Wishes From DrTN

We Strive To Provide

"Dynamic Training With Excellent Consultancy"

Simple and direct – To provide a Dynamic Training with Excellent Consultancy in view of achieving effective outcome to suit the client’s needs.

Pre-workshop dialogue/contacts are utilized to develop a strong sense of the current environment and skill level of the participants. Customized programs focus on your company's business needs.

Public Seminar!

DTeC designs and develop training options which are tailored to meet specific needs of the organization.These are based on an in depth assessment and analysis of the existing level of performance, and the level of performance which the organization wishes to achieve..


Dynamic Leaders - “Leaders are created and trained, not born”. Participants will unearth and realise their hidden talents and leadership qualities in themselves.


Dynamic Family - To stress on the contemporary family issues with the explanation and experiential learning on husband’s and wife’s legal rights in marriage with reference to the relevant applicable laws in Malaysia.



“The function of education, therefore, is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. But education which stops with efficiency may prove the greatest menace to society. The most dangerous criminal may be the man gifted with reason, but with no morals.”


“People often say that motivation doesn't last. Well, neither does bathing - that's why we recommend it daily.”


“Once the goals have been clearly defined, with the greatest amount of determination and hard work, one can conclusively realize one’s goals.”

Latest Event





Kursus Pemikiran Strategik Untuk Pengurusan Tertinggi Perbadanan Labuan


Pagi ini Datuk Dr Tengku Naufal akan memulakan sesi Online Seminar bersama wargakerja Perbadanan Labuan dengan tajuk: "Kursus Pemikiran Strategik Untuk Pengurusan Tertinggi Perbadanan Labuan".


Trainers Seminar Pembangunan Gender Di Luar Bandar


Kepada semua Trainers Seminar Pembangunan Gender Di Luar Bandar (Zon Beaufort dan Keningau) JHEWA, DrTN mohon kita semua bersiap sedia dgn Virtual Coaching yg akan bermula jam 3pm hari ini yea... You guyz can do it! In sha Allah!


Program Singgah Sembang @MAK (Majlis Akrab Kebangsaan)


Hari ini Datuk Dr Tengku Naufal akan berkongsi ilmu secara LIVE Facebook dalam program Singgah Sembang @MAK (Majlis Akrab Kebangsaan), dengan tajuk " WFH: Memastikan Produktiviti Kerja Semasa PKP 2.0".

Rakan FB sila join LIVE FACEBOOK Majlis Akrab Kebangsaan (MAK) pada pukul 10.30am untuk mendapatkan ilmu juga motivasi bernas dari Master Trainer Datuk Dr Tengku Naufal.


Online Kursus:Bengkel Analisi JURANG kompetensi (CGA) dalam Teknologi Penyiaran


Pagi ini Datuk Dr Tengku Naufal akan memulakan sesi Online Kursus:"Bengkel Analisi JURANG kompetensi (CGA) dalam Teknologi Penyiaran". Kursus online ini akan dijalankan selama 3 hari pada 2, 3 dan 4 Feb 2021.

Terima kasih kepada IPPTAR atas kepercayaan yang diberikan. Selamat berkursus secara maya.


Organized by: Canons of Rhetoric from both Western and Islamic perspectives!


Alhamdulillah! It was a very fruitful and interactive ‘Chit-Chat’ Session with 35 UniSZA’s talented and highly enthusiastic students on Canons of Rhetoric from both Western and Islamic perspectives! I really love your energy guyz!

Bravo to Muhammad Ridhwan, the Programme Director and UniSZA. TQ for giving me the trust to assist and contribute! Allah be with all of you! Stay cool 😎 okay!

UniSZA’s Confident In Using English (CIUE)


Organized by: Confident in Using English


Online Seminar for UniSZA: Confident in Using English


Organized by: Dengarkan selalu Labuan FM setiap Isnin & Selasa pukul 8 pagi


Dengarkan selalu Labuan FM setiap Isnin & Selasa pukul 8 pagi karena akan ada Datuk Dr Tengku Naufal memberikan semangat dan motivasi menyambut pagi hari anda di LABUAN fM 103.7Mhz


Organized by: Online Class: Medical Ethics & Fundamental of Business Law.


Datuk Dr Tengku Naufal mengajar Online Class: Medical Ethics & Fundamental of Business Law di IMU


Organized by: Wooden Block Simulation


This activity to enhance participant's POLC skill in Managing & Leading their Teams!! Indeed we lear while having fun!!

Seminar MMPK, UniSZA